About us

With us every customer is treated as an individual. Every package is taylor-made to fit your needs and what you can afford. A little usually goes a long way, with the slick modern designs that aluminium windows and doors offer, it is often one of the most cost-effective ways to truly change the appearance of your home, whether you simply want to create a professional looking office, or a patio where you can stack away all the doors for that unique fresh air feel and space when the family comes over.

Inkwazi means fish-eagle in Zulu. It is not just the majestic appeal of the Eagle but the calmness that infiltrates your body when you hear the trademark call of the African Fish-Eagle, along with bubbling fresh water and breathtaking scenery.

The abovementioned is our drive and motivation. Refined products, with slick slender lines provide for eye-candy while strong and reliable products are the results of expert craftmanship. The best thing of our products is not the 10 year guarantee on the materials, but the fact that the finishing ensures that the frames take care of themselves, very little effort is needed to keep these environmentally friendly materials clean and functional.